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LHAMAR Mission: 


We are committed to changing hearts, minds, circles, and systems to end racism and save lives. We are taking Action to Educate, Embolden, Empathize, Empower, Enfranchise, and Engage our community.

This is a SAFE place for reflection and questions, and we commit to encourage and teach one another, respecting that we each come to this space with unique backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and levels of knowledge about these issues. We will strive to build bridges of LOVE across barriers of race, class, sexual orientation, religion, country of origin, political party, and more. Together we are taking small and BIG steps in the fight against racism by changing Hearts, Homes, and Circles, and Policies. 


We have an active Facebook Discussion Group,  "Take Action" projects/ teams, a book club, a podcast club, "Teens Against Racism" Group, Playdate Programs for children and families, and an ongoing series of conversations and learning tools for ANYONE wanting to do their part against racism.  Welcome to the journey, Peacemakers, Advocates, Allies, and Friends!


Lowry Manders (white mom) and Denita Jones (Black mom),

Co-Admins and Friends 


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"I love that you include all stages and are willing to teach others and help even more people grow." - Liz Ryan

"So thankful to be part of this group to learn together and gain friendships! "- Melissa Jenkins

"I love that y’all are centering the voices that need to be heard. This group is a-ok!" - Camille Stafford

"I'm feeling happy and blessed to be a part of this group."

- Nichole Fiorentino

" I LOVE this group and page so dearly. Acknowledging huge steps in history, always sharing positivity and hope. Y’all just keep checking all of the boxes and I’m so grateful for this community"

- Nicki Graves

"I have come to love this country like I do mine, knowing what’s so completely wrong and broken, and also what’s so right and beautiful. This FB group is part of the latter.

Keep doing the good work, mamas."

- Anubha Sood

"You've motivated me to do better. "

- Jennifer Smith

 "I’m new to Dallas and so glad to have found this group."- Lia Salza

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