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Victor White III

Victor White III

Birth date:

September 11, 1991

Death date:

March 3, 2014

Age at Death:



Victor White III was born to his parents Victor White Sr. and Vanessa White in Alexandria, Louisiana. White III had eight siblings: Victor Jr, Kevin, Leonard, Lakeisha, LaToya, Adrianna, Victoria, and Precious. White III's family moved to New Iberia when he was 16, which caused White III to experience overwhelming amounts of racism and segregation. When White III's father moved back to Alexandria, White III stayed in New Iberia to be with his youngest daughter. For a time in his life, he struggled to find work and a way to survive, but he was able to get a job at a local Waffle House and turn his life around. He moved in with his girlfriend and their daughter, and he was wanting to attend community college when he could fit it in with his work. He was considered by his family and friends to be a goofball, someone who was fun to have around.

On the night of March 2, 2014, White III and his friend were walking away from a local gas station when they were stopped by a police car. The officer performed a pat-down of White and found marijuana in his pant pocket. The officer called for backup, and after more drugs were found, White was taken to the Sheriff's Office. The police allege White III was uncooperative and refused to exit the police vehicle. White allegedly produced a handgun and fired one shot, striking himself in the back. However, not only had White been searched for weapons, the coroner's report indicated White was shot in the chest, and White was handcuffed at the time of his killing. The discrepancies in the police report and Coroner's report indicate that White III's death was not a suicide. The most logical cause of his death was a killing by the police.

Was justice served?

As of February 2021, justice has not been served. No police officers were charged after federal and state investigations were closed. White's family settled with the Iberia Parish Sheriff's office for $325,000, but no individuals were held accountable for their actions.

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