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Tony Robinson Jr

Tony Robinson Jr

Birth date:

Death date:

March 6, 2015

Age at Death:



Tony was born into poverty and was currently turning his life around. He was living with two others roommates at the time of his death in Madison, Wisconsin. The uncle of the two people he was living with was the leader of the household.

Tony was running in front of cars and screaming, behaving erratically. Some of Tony's friends called police because they were concerned for him and also stated that no one was armed. An officer was called to do a check in and he received back up from two other officers. The officer made forced entry into his home and Tony punched the officer and the officer shot him multiple times. The police officer continued to shoot after he was dead.

Was justice served?

The officer was not charged with anything, the shooting was claimed to be "lawful use of deadly force". As of May 12th 2015 justice has not been served.

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