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Redel Jones

Redel Jones

Birth date:

May 13, 1985

Death date:

August 12, 2015

Age at Death:



Redel Jones grew up with her parents and five siblings from California. Redel was married to Marcus Vaughn and they had two children ages 7 and 13. She and her husband struggled with going back and fourth between homelessness, but Redel still managed to have a happy outlook though dancing, music, cartoons. Redel loved web design and dreamed of traveling with her family in a mobile home.

Redel Jones was shot by a police officer from the LAPD. She had been reported as robbing a pharmacy while holding a kitchen knife. The officer exclaims he had to use self defense to keep himself safe to justify shooting her 5 times in a nearby alley. Jones's husband remarks that Redel struggles with bipolar disorder and depression and is in no way violent. The officer used excessive force against her and even after the shooting failed to immediate provide medical assistance contributing to her death,

Was justice served?

Justice was not served. The Justice Service Integrity Division concluded that the officer was acting in self-defense and was not charged with the death of Redel Jones. Reports even include the officer violating multiple department rules such as failing to turn on the in-car camera and making simultaneous demands and yet the shooting was ruled justified.

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