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Quanice "Moose" Hayes

Quanice "Moose" Hayes

Birth date:

August 2, 1999

Death date:

February 9, 2017

Age at Death:



Mr. Hayes was a funny person who was loved by all. He looked just like Bullwinkle the Moose and his family started calling him Moose right away. He had many talents, dancing, and sports were his greatest achievements. He was great at traditional sports (basketball, football and baseball) but also played non-traditional sports like lacrosse. He was a natural athlete. He was a hero to his siblings.

Mr. Hayes was killed by a Portland police officer, who shot him three times with an AR-15 rifle from 10 feet away as Mr. Hayes was on his knees with hands in the air. Police had cornered him in a rain-soaked driveway in Northeast Portland following reports of armed carjackings in the area. Mr. Hayes was shot once in his head and twice in his chest. Police did not find a gun on Hayes’ body, but later found a replica gun nearby that Mr. Hayes allegedly used in the carjacking incidents, according to witnesses. A month later, a grand jury declined to charge the officer for the shooting, and the family sued for unreasonable use of deadly force.

Was justice served?

Yes. After four years, City of Portland settled a wrongful death and excessive force lawsuit for $1.5M.

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