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Paul O'Neal

Paul O'Neal

Birth date:

Death date:

July 28, 2016

Age at Death:



Paul O'Neal grew up in a Chicago. He was only a teenage at the time of his death.

Paul O'Neal was shot in the back by Chicago Police officers in Chicago, Illinois after a grand theft auto chase. He had taken a car and ended up crashing it into a parked car and two police cars. While in the car he was fired at multiple times by police officials. After crashing the car while being unarmed he ran from chase, which he was then shot in the back by police officers and handcuffed while dead. Following the shooting, police officers shook and slapped each others hands, celebrating this act.

Was justice served?

As of January 19th 2018, justice has not been served. The ruling over the case of the shooting of Paul O'Neal, came to be that no officer received any criminal charge. The officers were only removed from duty but were given no time in prison or charge of any sort.

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