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Nathanael Harris Pickett Jr.

Nathanael Harris Pickett Jr.

Birth date:

July 3, 1986

Death date:

November 19, 2015

Age at Death:



Nathanael Harris Pickett Jr. was living in Barstow, California. He had recently moved into a motel and was suffering from mental illness.

A police officer and volunteer were patrolling in Barstow, when they saw Nathanael on a motel property allegedly trespassing. They approach him and begin to question him. The officer reported that the did not cooperate with the police officer's questioning leading to the officer brutally detaining and handcuffing Nathanael. Nathanael tried to resist against the officer in the parking lot of the motel and the officer shot Nathanael. Video footage discounts the police officer's report.

Was justice served?

Justice was not served, the officer was not convicted. Video footage showed that Mr. Pickett was unarmed and trying to get away from the police officer. A jury awarded the family $33.5 million dollars.

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