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Mi'Chance Dunlap Gittens

Mi'Chance Dunlap Gittens

Birth date:

Death date:

January 27, 2017

Age at Death:



Mi'Chance Dunlap Gittens grew up with his mom, Alexis Dunlap, and dad, Frank Gittens in Des Moines. He grew up playing high school football for Garfield High School. He didn't have any siblings that are known.

Local police officers were investigating Mi'Chance Dunlap Gittens for a crime. The police staged a female looking to buy alcohol to lure Gittens to an unmarked van. After Gittens stepped out of his vehicle a friend followed him who was suspected to be in a hit and run earlier that month. The police busted out of the van and shot Gittens at least 8 times while he was trying to run away.

Was justice served?

Mi'Chance Dunlap Gittens family filed a lawsuit against the police that shot and killed their son. The lawsuit included new procedures that the police must take in their investigations from then on. The county agreed to pay a $2.25 million settlement to the family of Mi'Chance Dunlap Gittens.

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