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Merci Mack

Merci Mack

Birth date:

April 9, 1998

Death date:

June 30, 2020

Age at Death:



Merci Mack was a transgender woman born and raised in Dallas that grew up in a loving home with her mother, father, brother, and three sisters. As a child, she brought a good craziness home that always brought a smile to the family's face especially when she sang along to Mariah Carey. Merci's friends and family describe her as passionate, hopeful, confident, and very loved. Merci was living with her mother and brought energy and music to her home (her favorite being rhythmic blues). She was young, single, and living her life excited to return to work after it had closed due to covid.

Sadly Merci Mack had been shot and killed by a black male on the very last day of a Pride parade. At only 22 years old, Merci had just been discovering and learning about who she really was and as she proudly expressed her pride, she was killed. One article quotes Merci's friend describing the murder as someone they actually grew up with as middle schoolers and he even used to bully her then. At 6 a.m. Merci's body had been found and pronounced dead at the scene with 10 shot wounds to her body in a parking garage in her home city where the parade had been taking place. Witnesses confirm that they had seen a man chasing her and firing shots at Merci around 5 a.m.

Was justice served?

The murderer was identified by the witness because he recognized the gunman's mask belonged to someone he knew. This man was arrested by the North Texas Fugitive Task Force and was brought to court the next day were he was charged with the murder of Merci Mack and is being held at jail. As of March 2021, there is not an update on the status a trial.

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