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Marvin D. Scott III

Marvin D. Scott III

Birth date:

February 22, 1995

Death date:

March 14, 2021

Age at Death:



Mr. Scott lived in Frisco, Texas, originally from St. Louis, MO. He was single, and the son of Marvin and LaSandra Scott. A graduate of Heritage H.S., where he played football, he was described as kind, sweet hearted and responsible. He was working on his mental health at the time of his death. He was close to his sister, LaChay, and a beloved uncle to her two boys, bringing them home from school daily. He was laid to rest in St. Louis.

Security guards at an Allen, Texas outlet mall alerted authorities to the smell of marijuana, and Mr. Scott was arrested for possession of less than 2 ounces of it (a misdemeanor). He was taken to a local hospital for behaving "strange" (he was diagnosed schizophrenic in 2019). The hospital cleared him to go to county jail, where he died after he was pepper sprayed and a spit hood placed over his head. An independent autopsy found his death was likely caused by restraint and asphyxiation.

Was justice served?

No. Too soon to know if there will be convictions for criminal charges. Seven Collin County detention officers were fired for restraining him and the way he was handled while in their custody. Per the sheriff, these 7 detention officers violated well-established Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures. An eighth officer resigned. The Texas Rangers, as of April 2, 2021 are investigating whether to apply criminal charges in this case.

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