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Mack Charles Parker

Mack Charles Parker

Birth date:

January 1, 1936

Death date:

April 24, 1959

Age at Death:



Mack Charles Parker was born in Lumberton, Mississippi and lived with his father, his mother, Liza, and his two younger siblings, Dolores and Charles. He was a truck driver at the age of just 23 when he returned back home to be discharged in the Army. His father died when he went back to Mississippi and therefore left him with the responsibility of being the head of the house. He was not married nor did he have any kids, as he died so early in his life. He had a challenging childhood and was forced to be mature at a very young age.

When Mack Charles Parker went back home to Mississippi, on the date of February 24, 1959, his life would change forever. He was awoken by Marshals and deputies that alleged that he raped a young white woman named June Walters the nights before. However, Parker was out with his friends the night before and saw a disabled car on the side of the road between Poplarville and Lumberton Mississippi. Parker stopped his vehicle in hopes to steal the tires, but left as he saw Walters in the car. The police alleged that Parker had raped June and her daughter in their car after Jimmy Walters left the vehicle. June mistook Parker for the actual guy who raped her and a grand jury decided against Parker. He pleaded not guilty but three days before the trial, an 8-10 person mob that had guns and weapons dragged Parker from his jail cell. They drove him to a bridge and shot him, weighted his body, and threw his body in the Pearl River.

Was justice served?

As of April 1959- present time justice has not been served. Beginning on April 13 where Parker was accused of rape and kidnapping to April 17, he pleaded not guilty to the charges. Then he was going to jury again to plead not guilty for the final time. But, three days before he died from the mob. To this day, the case is pending and has not gone to trial to complete this case. Justice was not served, as Mack Charles Parker was a innocent man who died with no consequences to the mob or any justice to him.

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