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Lavall Hall

Lavall Hall

Birth date:

January 1, 1990

Death date:

February 15, 2015

Age at Death:



Mr. Lavall Hall had an 8-year old daughter. He was suffering from mental illness, and was on medication.

Mr. Hall was suffering from a mental health episode. His mother called 911 to ger her son help and instead, they killed him. The conflict began as Mr. Hall barricaded himself inside his home while wielding a broom. Frightened, his mother called police, who a week earlier had escorted the schizophrenic Mr. Hall to a nearby mental hospital. That morning, Mr. Hall ran from his mother’s home. Police officer #1 found him nearby and in the scuffle Mr. Hall “struck him multiple times on his head and body” with the broom. Police officer #2 saw the attack and said he saw Mr. Hall “grab for the right side of the officer’s gun belt.” As Mr. Hall continued to run away, the second officer caught up with Mr. Allen, another scuffle ensued, the officer tried to wrestle Mr. Allen to the ground in a fistfight” and taser him, unsuccessfully. The officer was hit in the head, but did not require hospitalization. Officer #1 appeared and also shot his stun gun, missing Mr. Hall. Officer #2, was deemed justified in using deadly force, despite the fact that Mr. Allen was unarmed. Source:

Was justice served?

No. There we no charges to the police officers, but Mr. Allen had no weapon at the time of his death and he had a known history of mental illness. Though tasering didn't work, de-escalation could have avoided a physical fight and Mr. Allen's death. Mr. Allen's mother blames herself for her son's death because she knew he was schizophrenic and bipolar and she called the police for help. Source:

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