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Kajuan Raye

Kajuan Raye

Birth date:

May 30, 1997

Death date:

November 23, 2016

Age at Death:



Kajaun Raye was 19 when he was shot and killed. He lived in both Texas and Chicago. Kajaun's mom said that "Kajuan was a great kid with and wonderful personality and a smile you would die for."

An officer killed the teenager with a shot to the back in 2016. At the time, the officer said Raye was pointing a gun at him when he shot, but no gun was found. Raye was shot in the stomach multiple times and later died at Christ Hospital from a gunshot wound to the back. Then, after three months, a resident called 911 to report a gun in her front bushes near the spot where Raye was killed.This made the shooting justified in the courts.

Was justice served?

His mother sued the city of Chicago. The jury found the shooting unjustified, and the family was awarded 1 million dollars.

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