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Joyce Quaweay

Joyce Quaweay

Birth date:

March 30, 1992

Death date:

July 29, 2016

Age at Death:



Joyce Quaweay was born in Providence, Rhode Island. She was the daughter of George and Jackey Quaweay. She had one sister. When Joyce was in high school, she moved to Philadelphia to help her aunt. There she attended West Philadelphia High School. At the time of her death, Joyce worked at a group home for developmentally disabled women. Her life revolved around her two daughters, who were 2 years old and 10 months old, when she was murdered.

Joyce was murdered by her boyfriend and father of her two children, as well as his best friend, in their home. She lived with her boyfriend, their children, her boyfriend's best friend and the best friend's girlfriend in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Joyce's boyfriend was a former Temple University police officer while his best friend was a current Temple University police officer. She was stripped naked and bound at her wrists and ankles to a weight bench in the kitchen. Then she was beaten to death by her boyfriend with his fists and a police baton while his best friend moved her body in different positions. Joyce's boyfriend was known to be very controlling and physically abusive, and it is believed that the motive for the beating that resulted in her murder was "not following the rules." Homicide Captain James Clark said that Joyce's boyfriend "felt like she would not submit to his authority and this was his way of punishing her to try to break her."

Was justice served?

Yes, justice was served in this case. Joyce Quaweay's boyfriend, Aaron Wright was sentenced to 60 to 141 years and Wright's best friend, Marquis Robinson, was sentenced to 55 to 130 years in state prison for her murder.

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