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India Kager

India Kager

Birth date:

June 9, 1988

Death date:

September 6, 2015

Age at Death:



India was from Washington DC. She was a graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC, where she focused on visual arts. She also played several musical instruments. India was a Navy Veteran and worked at the U.S. Postal Service as a letter carrier. She lived in College Park, Maryland with her father and her grandfather, who were both retired Washington DC police officers. She also lived with her two children who were ages 4 years and 4 months at the time of her death. India's mother, Gina Best, described her daughter as “a beautiful soul” who was “very supportive, contemplative, highly gifted and extremely articulate.”

India was driving from Maryland to Virginia with her boyfriend, Angelo Perry, and their 4-month-old son. While driving in Virginia Beach, they were followed by a group of police officers in unmarked vehicles. According to the Virginia Beach Police Chief said that the police officers had been doing surviellance on Parry, who was a person of interest in a homicide and believed to be planning another violent crime. When the couple stopped in a 7-11 parking lot, they were quickly approached by four white Virginia Beach police officers. The four officers fired 30 rounds at the couple after Perry allegedly fired at them from the vehicle. None of the police officers were injured and both India and Perry were killed. The police officers were not aware that the couple's infant son was in the backseat of the car until after the shooting. The infant was not injured. India was unarmed and not a suspect in any criminal investigation.

Was justice served?

Justice was not served in this case, as no charges were brought against the four Virginia Beach police officers who killed India.

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