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Delano Herman Middleton

Delano Herman Middleton

Birth date:

December 5, 1950

Death date:

February 8, 1968

Age at Death:



Delano Herman Middleton was born on December 5, 1950 in South Carolina, USA. He lived with his mother and his older brother Durward B. Middleton and and he attended Wilkison High School. He was a loving and caring friend who loved basket ball. His friend Sam Haynes said " ‘Bump’ was a very kind, gentle human being who loved sports and always had a smile on his face.” He joined the schools basket ball team in High School. When ever he was done with school he would go and wait for his mother until her shift ended.

Delano had happened to be around the area of where a civil rights protest was taking place . He was waiting on the steps of South Caroline State University Freshmen Dormitory, waiting for his mom's shift to end. As the the protest started getting violent, Delano and two protesters (Sammy Hammond and Henry Smith) were shot; none were armed with guns. Delano got shot by a police officer seven times and died that night of February the 8th, 1968.

Was justice served?

Justice was not served for these men. Nine police officers were charged for shooting at the protesters but none of them were charged for the killing of Delano. As of February 2021, Justice still hasn't been served. The officer who killed Delano never came up and turned themselves in or just never said anything. No mentions of going deep to investigate it and not much talk about the deaths are happening in 2021.

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