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Decynthia Clements

Decynthia Clements

Birth date:

May 3, 1983

Death date:

March 12, 2018

Age at Death:



Decynthai Clements was born in Elgin, Illinois on May 3, 1983. As a young girl, she grew up in Elgin and attended Larkin High School with her younger brother Nehemiah Clements. She wasn’t married but she had a son who was 16 at the time of her death. She was living part-time with her father. Her mother died in 2002. Decynthia was described as a loving mother and the “life of a party” by her family members. Her brother described her as a “ Lovable person” and “She always tried to be the life of the party.”

Decynthia was driving a damaged car when the police pulled her over. Once the police officer got to her, he claimed that she was armed with a knife. Soon Decynthia’s car started to smoke and catch fire. Once she got out of her car she was holding knives in both hands and “slashing the smoke, and slashing towards the officers and that she seemed very angry and continues to yell at the EPD officers,” according to reports. The officer said she wasn’t listening when telling her to drop the knives and they shot her.

Was justice served?

The officer was cleared and found not guilty even though he failed to call the ambulance once he shot her, when she was obviously showing signs that she wasn’t doing well and he deactivated his body cam twice on the scene when he wasn’t allowed to do it. As of February 2021, justice still hasn’t been served. The officer is still free from charges and still working even though not full-time.

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