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Brendon Glenn

Brendon Glenn

Birth date:

July 24, 1985

Death date:

May 5, 2015

Age at Death:



Brendon Glenn was from upstate New York and at the time of his death had only recently arrived in Los Angeles after working on a sustainable farm in Northern California, according to his family’s attorney Jim DeSimone. "My brother had a heart of gold and the courage of a lion," his sister Brittany said in a statement after the shooting. "Brendon was not a homeless man but rather a family man who simply went on a trip to explore a new work opportunity." Mr. Glenn had a three-year-old son at the time of his death, according to Mr. DeSimone.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney declined to file criminal charges against a former LAPD officer who fatally shot a homeless man twice in the back in Venice in 2015 — despite a recommendation from the police chief that the DA do so. Brendon Glenn, 29, was shot by an LAPD officer - who resigned from the department after the shooting. The officer said he shot Mr. Glenn because he was going for his partner’s gun during a struggle just off the Venice boardwalk. The police chief said investigators found no evidence to support the shooting officer's claim. Footage from a nearby bar’s surveillance camera did not show Mr. Glenn's hands near the officers' guns. And the shooting officer's own partner said he never felt any jerking movements or saw Mr. Glenn’s hand near his gun, according to the chief. Mr. Glenn was unarmed. Source:

Was justice served?

No. The DA disagreed with the police chief's recommendation and stated: "[the shooting officer] may have reasonably believed that Mr. Glenn was reaching for his partner’s weapon," and "After an independent and thorough review of all the evidence in this case, we cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer [name] did not act within the law." It is also noteworthy the investigation contained an unusually large amount of evidence of the shooting - witnesses, police body cam, video from a nearby retail establishment and an external expert on use-of-force. In 2016, the city agreed to pay Mr. Glenn’s family $4 million to settle a federal wrongful death lawsuit. Source

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